Accu-chek Instant 50 strips with 2 packs of Lancet 25
Accu Chek Softclix 25 Lancets
Accu-chek Instant 50 strips with 2 packs of Lancet 25

Accu-Chek Instant Test Strips – Pack 50’s + Accu-Chek Softclix Lancet Pack of 25’s (2Qty)

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Date of Expiry : 31/01/2023

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Accu-Chek Instant Test Strip:

Accu-Chek Instant Strips works with Accu-Chek Instant Glucometer and Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer. It Read More

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Product Content

1 Qty Accu-Chek Instant Test Strips – Pack of 50’s + 2 Qty Accu-Chek Softclix Lancet – Pack of 25’s

Country of Origin :

Accu-Chek Instant Test Strips : USA

Accu-Chek Softclix Lancet: Germany/Poland/Japan

    11 Penetration Depth
    0.8 To 2.3 Mm
    Precise Lancing, Less Risk Of Skin Damage
    0.4 Mm
    21 G

Product Features

Test Strips:

  • Easy-edge blood dosing: Need to apply only a small sample anywhere on the wide yellow edge of the test strip dosing area (designed to make it easy to apply a small sample drop on the strip edge)
  • Sample Range: The Accu-Chek Instant strips can sample all types of blood (neonatal, capillary, venous, and arterial blood)
  • Accurate numbers: For reliable results, you can trust the Accu-Chek Instant strips, as they are manufactured with strict quality standards and fulfill the requirements of the ISO 15197:2013 standards of accuracy
  • No coding required: Accu-Chek Instant S strips do not require any kind of manual coding, making the blood glucose monitoring process easy.
  • Pack sizes: Available in packs of the 50s, 25s, and 10s

Softclix Lancet:

  • Easy to use, small, lightweight, and silicon-coated needle
  • Sterilized with gamma radiation
  • Special 3 sided optimally cut lancet
  • Unique design for more comfort
  • Perfect to use with Softclix lancing device

Technical Specifications

Test Strips
Test strip stability 18 months after production date: Test strips are stable (even after opening) until the expiry date printed on the test strip vial. Note: Test strip container must be tightly closed after each strip is removed.
Measuring conditions: 4 °C to 45 °C (39 °F to 113 °F)
Humidity range: 10 to 90 %
Hematocrit range: 10 to 65 %

How to Use

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