Accu-Chek Active Test Strips – Pack of 50
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Accu-Chek Active Test Strips – Pack of 50

Accu-Chek® Active Test Strips – Pack of 50

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Accu-Chek Active Test 50 Strips works with Accu-Chek Active Glucometer.

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Product Content

1 Qty Accu-Chek Active Test Strips  Pack- of 50

Country of Origin: Germany

    11 Penetration Depth
    0.8 To 2.3 Mm
    Precise Lancing, Less Risk Of Skin Damage
    0.4 Mm
    21 G

Product Features

Proven Accuracy: The Accu-Chek Active strips help you to keep tabs on your diabetes regularly. It also fulfills ISO 15197:2013 standards of accuracy.
Clever functionality: Accu-Chek Active strip is a hassle-free product. The blood spreads across the strip and is automatically absorbed by it. The system then provides a fast and accurate result.
Easy-handling: A clear protective barrier runs along the entire length of the test strip to protect the strip, making it easy to use.
Blood volume: 1-2 μl.
Visual double-check: To ensure accurate blood glucose measurement, Accu-Chek Active allows you to double-check the displayed result.
Out of meter dosing: Test strip outside the meter: approx. 08 seconds.
Shelf Life: Test strips are stable (even after opening) until the expiry date printed on the test strip vial.
Note: Test strip container must be tightly closed after each strip is removed.

Technical Specifications

Measuring interval 10-600 mg/dL.
Blood volume 1-2 μl.
Measuring time Test strip in the meter: approx. 5 seconds, Test strip outside the meter: approx. 08 seconds.
Sample types Capillary blood. If the test strip is removed from the meter to apply blood: venous blood anticoagulated with lithium heparin or ammonium heparin or EDTA arterial blood and blood from neonates.
Sample dosing Blood application on to the middle of the test pad. The test strip (and its components) has the function to spread the blood above the test area – in a quick and hygienic way.
Dosing options Blood can be applied to both an already inserted test strip, or a test strip outside the meter. This is helpful to minimize the risk of contamination when a meter has multiple users (e.g. in a hospital) and, in case of AST, to facilitate blood application.
Re-dosing capability Additional blood can be added to the test strip within 10 seconds after applying the first drop (applies for inside mode).
Visual color check Plausibility check option with 5 color block on the test strip vial.
Hematocrit range 20 – 55 % (within-meter mode), 20 – 70 % (outside-meter mode).
Test strip stability The test strips remain stable at least up to the expiry date printed on the test strip vial, even after opening (the test strip container must be closed tightly after each test strip is removed).

How to Use

Testing your blood glucose is an essential part of managing diabetes. The Accu-Chek Active blood glucose meter can help to make it convenient by giving you fast, hassle-free, and accurate results in 4 simple steps.

  • Insert the glucose test strip.
  • Prick your finger with the lancet to draw out a blood drop.
  • Carefully touch the blood drop onto the green field of the test strip.
  • Read the blood glucose result.

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Yes, it is possible to use the new test strip with all Accu-Chek Active meter generations.

Yes, it is possible to test with all types of blood (capillary, venous, arterial, and neonatal).

The meter detects if not enough blood has been applied. If you are testing in the inside mode, you will get an acoustic signal (3 beep signals in short intervals). After that, then “apply blood display” is shown again for 10 seconds. To advise you when the 10 seconds are close to ending, there will be a 5-beep countdown during the last 5 seconds.

Accu-Chek Active detects the color change in the test pad area. If the test pad is checked too early, the glucose reaction may not yet be finished. If it is done too late, the color may have already changed due to drying.